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Founder. Designer. Artist

I started WNTD Apparel in (2014). I chose the name WNTD as a double entendre, playing off the word “wanted” and working as an acronym for (W)hat (N)ot (T)o (D)o.

This was to play off the fact I had no formal training or any kind of design education prior to starting my brand. What I did have, was a talent in visual art since I was a child and a new found passion in fashion at the age of 17. Not being able to afford to hire a team, I became a one man army. Till this day I carry out all creative and business obligations.

From day one, my mission was to create a lifestyle brand for creatives. I felt as though there wasn't a clothing line that was exclusive to artists. By building WNTD Apparel, I believed this would create the representation within the creative community I thought was so lacking. 

Being a visual artist before I started my career in fashion is what set me apart from my peers and made me truly unique. On one hand I’m creating my own world, illustrating my own characters, landscapes, and traditions. And on the other hand, i’m designing my own fashion collections, taking the time to understand the principles of fabrics and silhouettes.

The game changer was integrating my fashion designs into the world I was building in the visual arts. I also made the art become a key element to the design process of the clothes. By doing this I was able to bring my “Art To Life”.

This is something that has not been seen before in the industry and I carry great pride in being a pioneer. 

I will never stop

Designing for the Creatives Of The Modern World.  


Blu Boy

CEO, Founder, and designer of WNTD Apparel

WNTD Apparel


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